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Keynote speakers

  • Lars-Erik Malmberg (Oxford, UK)

Dr. Lars-Erik Malmberg is a  University Lecture in Quantitative Methods in the Department of Education, and Fellow at St. Cross College. Furthermore he is a Docent in Education with particular focus on quantitative methods, at Åbo Akademi University, Vasa, Finland, where he also earned his Doctorate of Education. He did his post-doc at Yale University and has an international research network.

Read the abstract of "An intrapersonal approach to educational research: conceptualizations and models" here.


  • Jan Vermunt (Cambridge, UK)

Prof. Dr. Jan Vermunt is a Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education, and a Fellow of Wolfson College. He is an educational psychologist whose research interests have evolved from the study of student learning and teacher learning as separate domains, to include the way teacher learning and student learning affect each other. Recently he co-edited the book 'Learning patterns in higher education: Dimensions and research perspectives', published by Routledge (2014).

Read the abstract of "Transitions in learning patterns" here.


  • Michaela  Gläser-Zikuda (Jena, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Michaela Gläser-Zikuda is head of the Department of School Education and Teaching at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. She completed a teacher training as well as a Masters degree in Education from University of Education Ludwigsburg. She received her PhD in 2000 on " emotions and learning strategies in school ". Moreover Michaela is the director of many externally-funded research projects and author of numerous books and magazine articles on topics related to teaching, teacher education and university research.

Read the abstract of "Challenges of Interdisciplinary and Methodological Perspectives in Higher Education Research" here.




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