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Enhanced Natural Healing in Dentistry

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Dear colleague,

Favorable wound healing has always been a major quest in periodental surgery. It is a concern in healthy as well as compromised patients. In an effort to improve and accelerate healing of both hard and soft tissues, substitutes including growth factors and bio-materials have been traditionally used. Membranes were introduced to achieve regeneration by excluding unwanted tissues. Recent research clearly indicates that L-PRF (a second generation of platelet concentrates) significantly enhances wound healing in both soft and hard tissues. Growing evidence supports the assertion that platelet concetrates have the potential to replace Bio-materials in many surgical procedures. Clinical procedures benefit from recent advancements in platelet concentrate protocols including, but not limited to: soft tissue healing, plastic periodontal surgery, gingiva enlargement, MRONJ, regeneration of infra-bony defects, ridge preservation, sinus augmentation, immediate implant placement and implant osseointegration itself. An added benefit is that these platelet concentrate protocols offer significantly lower cost treatment solutions to our patients due to the fact of their ease of use and inexpensive preparation.

Your contribution to ENHD 2018 is warmly welcomed and we invite you to submit a scientific abstract via the conference website.

We hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to welcome you to Leuven!

Best regards,

Prof. Marc Quirynen
Prof. Nelson Pinto

With the help of the entire Department Periodontology of the Catholic University of Leuven

Update: We opened a new English workshop on 14/10, supported in Spanish (Workshop B). Interested in this workshop? Don't wait any longer to secure your spot as places are limited! Click here. 

Important note : participation to the Conference on 15/10 is obliged when following a workshop. You will not be allowed to the workshop if you have not registered for the Conference.


Picture taken at the 1st world congres on L-PRF, with from left to right:

Prof. M. Quirynen, Prof. N. Pinto (representing the Chilian root for L-PRF) and Dr. Dohan Ehrenfest (representing the French root of L-PRF).

The city of Leuven - Grote Markt (at walking distance of the conference venue)



This conference is organized by the Department of Periodontology, KU Leuven.

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