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The European Academy of Teachers in Family Medicine/General Practice (EURACT) has over the last 26 years facilitated the development of educators and trainers of Family Medicine in Europe. Family Doctors are now involved in medical education at all levels.  This conference is being jointly hosted by the Academic Department of Family Medicine of the Katholieke Universiteit and EURACT in the beautiful medieval city of Leuven. The conference will provide an opportunity for practicing family medicine teachers and researchers to meet and exchange research findings and new ideas in order to continue the development of Family Medicine in Europe.

This conference seeks to emphasize an important stage in the development of the discipline of Family Medicine which is to ensure it has a secure academic base. We are particularly looking for more justification and clarification research in education to provide a strong evidence base that will underpin the enthusiastic educational efforts of so many teachers in Europe. The department of Family Medicine in Leuven is happy to host this conference on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

Dr. Jo Buchanan
EURACT President

Prof. JM Degryse
Chair of the conference

Organising committee

Prof.J.Degryse (KUL)(UCL)

Prof.Roy Remmen ( UA)

Prof. Ann De Sutter (UGent)


Scientific committee

Prof. JM. Degryse (Chair)

Prof. Birgitte Schoenmakers (Belgium)

Dr. Jo Buchanan (UK)

Dr. Jáchym Bednar (Czech Republic)  

Prof. Francesco Carelli (Italy)

Dr. Denise Alexandra Cuna Velho (Portugal)

Prof. Nele Michels (Belgium)

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