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Welcome to the 2017 R&D Management Conference


It was our pleasure welcoming you in Leuven!
Click here for the pictures taken at the conference.


Dear Conference Participant,

The 2017 R&D Management Conference will offer you a wealth of scientific contributions, multiple opportunities to discuss recent research insights and results, as well as rich possibilities to develop your collegial network.

Building on a long tradition of research in the continuously evolving field of R&D Management, the 2017 conference brings us many interesting and relevant topics. The conference agenda lists a variety of challenges that require constant scholarly attention and insight. In their wake, we want to explore exciting new journeys like the relation between science, art and innovation, or the impact of public science on fostering private innovation thereby democratizing the innovation process.   

So we are convinced that you will explore and exploit an interesting mix of familiar and less familiar, established and novel, areas of enquiry and insight. Thanks to a portfolio of excellent contributions by a plethora of researchers and practitioners eager to share their insight and understanding across our community.

Leuven offers an appropriate ecosystem to do this. Leuven offers a rich blend of familiar and less familiar experiences, of old wisdom and novel, entrepreneurial dynamism. You will discover a pleasant city with a young and dynamic population eager to deepen and transform today’s knowledge base. The city of Leuven and the R&D Management Conference thus have quite some common features.

While you are in Belgium, we can highly recommend to participate to the topically related RESSH 2017 Conference, organized by our colleagues from the University of Antwerp from 6 to 7 July, 2017.

Let us extend to you a warm welcome to Leuven and to the 2017 R&D Management Conference!


The Local Organizing Committee

Prof. Koenraad Debackere
Prof. René Belderbos
Prof. Dirk Czarnitzki
Prof. Wolfgang Glänzel
Prof. Bart Leten
Prof. Peter Teirlinck
Prof. Bart Van Looy
Prof. Reinhilde Veugelers
Dr. Julie Callaert
Dr. Bart Thijs
Dr. Machteld Hoskens
Mr. Dennis Verhoeven
Prof. Stijn Kelchtermans
Mrs. Iris Rademaekers
Mrs. Dani Vandepoel
Ms. Stefanie Verbeeck

Download the R&D Management App! The app will allow you to check the most up to date version of the programme on your tablet or smartphone. Explore the different sessions, build your personal schedule and discover the participant list. Type "R&D Management" in Google Play, iTunes App Store, Windows Phone store or scan this QR code :










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  • Last modified 13-07-2017